According to Lincoln Barcon from it is an indisputable fact that no society can exist without a culture, knowing that culture is the way of life of a people. Therefore, every society, no matter of its size or population must exist with certain cultural values and norms. Liberia, being a part of the member of the globe, is not exempted from this practice. Because of the importance of culture, it rare to see a society without culture, as this can be likened to a ship without as compass. 

The role of culture in our society today has been damaged because to what I refer to as the forgetfulness of the past and the neglect of our cultural heritage. The purpose for which other African countries around us still maintain their cultural values is because they respect and obey their culture or way of life of their ancestors.

The education on the cultural heritage of Liberia must go hand in hand with excursions. Encouragement should be given to the youth in particular, to visit historical places of interest in order to acquaint themselves with the rich culture of the country. 

Photos Credit: Alor F. Daniels

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